“To be more positive and more open spiritually.  To practice some stress releiving techniques and to call on the angels more often. Liked the way different areas were covered but a common theme throughout i.e. well being of me and ways to improve your life”. G. Gorman, Sligo.

“Been able to find my happy place with great ease with a little guidance and to stop been so hard on myself.  How so many strangers can come together in a very small and confined space and drop all inhibitions and fears and also reach the same level of calm and inner peace in such a short space of time.  Would recommend the workshop to others without a shadow of a doubt”. R. Barry, Sligo.

“Learned how to be open what is coming my way and don’t analyse it. Would like to learn more about my spiritual side also would like a day on Angels and Spirits.  Bernie was a great inspiration, Fintan shared that you can control your mind-great stuff and Vincie a joy to be in the same room!” C. Ryan, Sligo.

“Mind, Body, Spirit Conenction.  Very professional approach by all the Team.  Good location, nice mix and well presented with sincerity and humour.” Grainne, Donegal.

“Shift in understanding importance of spirituality. Need a over-arching framework to bring spiritual and science together and this was done to perfection today!” N. James, Donegal.

“I feel this is the start of a change for the better in my life.  I now have the ability to find my zone.  Felt all three talks complemented each other”.  K. Finnigan, Sligo.

“To create my safeplace and go there at the beginning and end of each day.  Liked this type of workshop was able to connect with others who are like minded”. P. Sligo.

“Fascinated with what Vincent could tell me with the messages he was receiving.  Bernie a great inspiration.  Fintan – amazing what the heart tests could do and how you can enter the chill out zone, I would definitely use this myself and especially with my own children.  Would like to tell our local school about this, any child with ADHD would seriously benefit from Fintan”. Lisa, Sligo.

“Before I was worried about seeing a psychic and possibly afraid of the message, now I would go without fear.  Would love to get more “angel training” and also would like to learn more about ’safe place zone’ for children á la Fintan”. P. Burns, Sligo.

“It added to my greater awareness and knowledge knowing I am on the right path. Bernie – very good, Fintan -very interesting, Vincent – fantastic” – H. Sligo.

“Am not going to let the psychic vampire I work with bleed me dry every again!  Three very powerful people with big hearts who have started me back on my journey. Very professional, well run, not intimidating or scary.  Its ok to cry… Thanks Bernie”.  Dolores, Co Leitrim.

” Learning how the mind intepretes things.  How to relax when in a stressful situation.  2 Days Training would be great”.  Matihu, Sligo.

“I feel I can do ‘it’ (with practice) I think I mean that is suddenly feels possile with work. Would love more traiiing for support and encouragment and practical advice.  I wold love to have it over a few days.  Would recommend this training to others very much so it was brilliant.  All three speakers were very powerful. I was looking forward to the day but it exceeded all expectations”. B. Kelly, Co Leitrim.

“I don’t feel stupid for opening my other side.  I can now confront my fears.  You are all very generous and wonderful people to share your gifts with others – Thank You”. Karen, Sligo.

“The gentleness, strength and love from Vincie, Bernie and Fintan touched mw deeply – it highlighted how harsh I am with myself”. R. Keane, Co Leitrim.

“Just to say Thank you for the moments of peace I felt and my contact with my parents”. Pam, Sligo.

“Opening up what I thought I was ok with, facing up and using the pillow technique – thanks for that Bernie. Thank You, even though it was very emotional for me,  I know one ‘door’ I can now face”. M. Brennan, Sligo.

“All speakers were intriguing in different ways, would suggest another half day re-cap on level one soon”. B Ferguson, Sligo.

“The Power of Positive Thinking, believe in myself a little more”. Louise, Sligo.

“Understanding how our lives are very connected to everything around us. I truely believe there would be benefit for me from more training. It was very well organised day with a wide variety of information which was delivered in a special way”. S. Dillon, Belfast.

“Would recommend this workshop to Anyone – You bet.  Feel more confident and empowered.  A Dream for the Future: Everyone was coming from the heart – Love – Just Beautifiul”. M. Connolly, Belfast.

“It was well run, a good mixture, though if you were going deeper you could run it over more days.  Well done – Thank you very much”. Sheelagh, Belfast.

“I enjoyed the heart math session re safe place.  Vincent’s sessions was enlighting.  The whole day was warm,  loving environment, with gifted presenters”. Heather, Belfast.

“Great reminder and re-awakening to my true potential, am going to mention it to all my friends and aquaintances – let’s have one in Newry!  I really liked the size of the group, a chance to get to know one another.” Laura A, Belfast.